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  • 2023/03/23 Kuriachen

    BSW020 no resource found please Downlod problem

  • 2023/02/28 Nakul Rajput

    BSW020 no resource found please Downlod problem

  • 2023/02/21 Remi Alao

    I like to order the watch z30. How ans where can I purchase the watch. I leave in Europe

  • 2023/02/21 Niki

    Ебанашки часы. Это же надо такую хуйню купить! Продавец не отвечает. Поддержки нет. В обновлениях ни хуя нового нет! Китаец пидарас еще тот!

  • 2023/02/13 Venkat

    No resource found please download Device BSW020 Ver.V1.02.14

  • 2023/02/09 Atish Pathak

    I want BSW020 Ver: 1.01.02

  • 2023/02/08 Venkat

    I want V1.02.16 VERSION

  • 2023/02/05 Jose

    Hi, I brought D5+ smartwatch a couple years ago and i was working good, just battery don't pass than 6 hours working. I stopped wearing the D5+ for a year more or less and now i want to wear it but there is no support and i can't pair it with my phone, no wifi connection, it isn't working

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